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Library Media Specialists/School Librarians

Passed by the State Library Board on June 25, 2009.

WHEREAS, Library Media Specialists/School Librarians are the uniquely qualified and prepared teachers who teach critical 21st century skills to Ohio’s students; and

WHEREAS, Library Media Specialists/School Librarians teach skills such as the ethical and responsible use of information, problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking-evaluation, technology integration and the use of INFOhio databases and content area standards to Ohio’s students, teachers and parents; and

WHEREAS, the Ohio Department of Education’s K-12 Library Standards/Guidelines are the only Ohio content standards that address all three skill sets of the 21st Century Skills as identified by business, government, and education leaders in the Partnership for 21st Century Skills; and

WHEREAS, school districts across the state are dealing with funding issues and school libraries are frequently among the first programs to be cut or eliminated causing Ohio students to lose access to essential resources and learning opportunities; and

WHEREAS, the Ohio Senate version of the biennial budget bill, HB1, eliminated the “Media Services” reform provisions which were contained in the Governors version and the House passed version of the bill and would require schools to fund media services including the services of a library media specialist/school librarian and phase in the cost over ten years;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that on this day, June 25, 2009, the State Library Board, providing services and support to all types of libraries in the state, including school libraries, and to state government, respectfully requests that the Ohio General Assembly consider restoring the “Media Services” reform provisions in the final adopted version of the Biennial Budget Bill, HB1 and ensure that all Ohio students benefit from the services of a licensed Library Media Specialist/School Librarian.