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 Former State Librarian Jo Budler visited the Library at the School for the Deaf in March.

Library at the School for the Deaf

Jo, Ada Kent and Sara Casto

Jo and Sara Casto

Ada Kent and Donna Henderson

March 2nd, was the 105th birthday of Theodore Geisel, or Dr. Seuss.   What a treat to be invited to celebrate with the staff and students at the School for the Deaf!  In addition to going on a tour of the building and visiting the library, it was truly an honor (and great fun!) to read Green Eggs and Ham to the students. 
I am always amazed at what I learn on my tours and visits.  At the School for the Deaf, I met a special teacher who is also an audiologist.  Here, of course, hearing tests are conducted and so there is a special soundproof booth.  She also showed me how small hearing aides have become and the special magnifying equipment which she uses when she has to work on these devices. 
I was pleased to have an interpreter to work with me as I read the book to the children.  She requested that I read slowly to give her time to compensate for the rhyming.  Apparently when Seuss’ books are signed, sometimes the rhymes do not carry over.  She did a fabulous job – the children were enthralled (and, I thought, exceptionally well-behaved) – even the older students seemed to enjoy the reading. 
Thanks to Ada Kent (aka Thing 1) for inviting me.